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El Mirador

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5 days & 4 nights

Jungle hike Guatemala

Archaeologists believe that El Mirador and the surrounding area was most likely the core of Mayan civilization. On the way to the impressive pre-classic site of El Mirador, visitors get to know the plants and animals of the rainforest and trek the same roads that the Mayans used.

Jaguar in the Guatemalan Jungle

Day 1

  • 7:00 am pick-up from hotel
  • 3-hour drive to Carmelita (most northern village in PetÚn), eat breakfast
  • Walk to the archaeological site El Tintal
  • Sleep in the campsite of El Tintal
Jungle view Guatemala

Day 2

  • Early 8-hour walk to El Mirador (take breaks for lunch and for plant and animal observations in the Mayan Biosphere)
  • Reach the site in afternoon and climb the majestic 170-m pyramid La Danta
  • Watch the sunset
  • Sleep in the campsite of El Mirador
Spider monkey Guatemala

Day 3

  • Watch the sunrise from the El Danta pyramid
  • Visit the archaeological site
  • Receive insight into the excavation and reconstruction work

Day 4

  • Early 8-hour walk to El Nacimiento
  • Sleep in the campsite

Day 5

  • 6-hour walk from El Nacimiento to Carmelita
  • Drive back to Flores


Note: Participants interested in this adventure trip should be in good health and physically able to walk 30 km a day (about 8 hours) in hot temperatures with high humidity. In the rainy season, participants should also be prepared to walk in the mud.

Price per person

US$ 239.00 -
US$ 329.00 -
US$ 465.00 -


Additional option:

4 people
2 people
1 person

All meals
Local guide
Camping equipment (tents)
Purified water
Horses for the luggage
Cook and assistant
First aid kit

English speaking guide US$ 50.00/day

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